Sunday, May 29, 2011

Catch-up Blog #2

Look at me posting two days in a row....  I'll pat myself on the back.

She's a Growin' Folks

Look at my babies grow!  My garden is officially in bloom and is adorable!
Look that baby broccoli in the eye and tell her she's not cute.  You can't because she is.

Potatoes are growing strong!
From little rotten eyes to big strong greens!

We even have a baby tomato growing!

Even my flowers are coming in beautifully!  
Now I've been working on turning my hydrangeas a little more it is my signature color.  
(If you are anything like me you just read the last line with a thick Southern accent as Julia Roberts once did and added on "my colors are blush and bashful."  I love that movie!)
  It entails adding aluminum to the soil in order to change the pH in the soil slightly acidic.  I think its a delicate process and as detail oriented as I can be in certain areas of my life, no comments from the peanut gallery, this wasn't one of them.  I just threw the stuff all over the place.  Oh well.  Pink is a lovely accent.

(Side bar:  I have to do a lot of googling in order to write this blog.  All of my southern and not-so-southern phrases must be googled because I often change the phrase in my head and you guys would get much too good of a laugh if I didn't double check it.  For instance, in the last two posts I have googled (1) "riff raff": I didn't have a clue how you would spell that or if it was a real word and (2) "peanut gallery":  I have a tendency to say pea gallery.  Do you guys ever say a phrase and then realize in your head you are spelling it way off or even have the words wrong?  No, just me. Oh well.)
(Side bar:  I like side bars.  Sorry if you don't.  Its how my mind works.)

I should take more pictures of the garden.  I think we officially have everything planted with the exception of some kale I found for Grei but I missed the first planting season and will have to wait to plant it later in the year.  I'll leave you with a list of everything we have planted this year.  Its overwhelming but I like to think I will be glad of it when it taste so good.

The Steele's Garden 2011:
Sweet onions
Random flower
Pole Beans
Bell Peppers
Jalapeno pepper
Cayenne pepper
Some herbs

So far only the radishes are coming in and we are just eating them as we go.  I plan to put up a lot of the vegetables later in the year.  (If you aren't from around here that means preserve them in some way...freeze, can, dry, etc.)

Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. I thoroughly look forward to your blog posts. You're a fantastic writer, and you're always up to something fun! Keep 'em coming. :)


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