Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Obsession

I have a new obsession.  I know what you're thinking..."Like she needs one more thing pulling her interests in another direction.  Her thoughts are already like a tornado."  And I totally agree. 
I love diy home projects.
I like gardening.
I like canning like your grandma.
I like babies.
I like aqua blue.
I like white milk glass.
I like diy gifts.
I like couponing and all things money saving.
I love Christian fiction books like your 14 year old cousin.
I like blue ball jars.
I like blogging.  I love reading blogs.

Blah Blah Blossom.  I know.  Its too much.
But now I have found another thing to take my time.  Its called...

I'm sure you guys and gals are way ahead of me and already in on this, but I just started about a week ago (2 weeks now...I half wrote this post over a week ago...typical!).  I'm loving it!  It's like reading a picture book for blogs...No kidding.  FAB-U-LOUS!  You can see the picture of the thing you like then link out to the actual post about it and read more if you want.  Or you can just use the picture for inspiration on your pin board.  I love it!

I'm finding so many fun things on this site.  My favorite things to find are DIY projects for home and for gifts.  Who knew there were so many cool handmade gifts.  Here is my pin board for all things DIY Fabulosity!
You should check it out.  Its such a great place to get ideas. I've already made several of these things and it was awesome.  I particularly love the painted bottles, painted rug, and DIY bubble bath.

 Now that the outside of our home is about done I'm searching for ideas for the inside.  Since we've lived here for oh only about 6 months and I haven't hung a single curtain!!  Oh well.  We did conquer the biggest DIY project in the universe that I will be blogging about later today...who are we kidding more like later this week.

So long for now!  Go check out  I don't know how all the following other people's boards thing works but I know I'm following some of you.  For now I'm off to finish my last inservice as a student.  I'm officially done with clinicals in T-minus 5 days!  

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