Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life at the Beach is Good. Part 2.

Okay so you know I took like a million photos of my adorable nephews cheesing it up over our week at the beach and I just can't stop with one post.  So for your viewing pleasure, part 2 of our family vaca!

One night we went to Pier Park to the "fun playground" as Copelan called it.
Caden won an eye patch as you can see.  He wore it for the 24 hours straight, including to the pool where it sadly broke.  Caden loved the ferris wheel with his Dad.

 Copelan was very excited about his golden ticket.
Copelan rode the Cubbie Caboose and loved it.  Can you tell?  Look at that cheesy grin.

The boys asked every day when we were going to Sharky's so when Wednesday finally rolled around and we went, they were ecstatic.
 Caden got the crab legs he'd been dying for all week.

B and Cope loved the shark!

Family Pictures on the Beach
Aren't they the sweetest?!

The boys make pictures so cute and so hard.  Boys do not stand still.
Here are some of the cuter less posed pictures...
The 4rd picture was in response to me saying "Caden strike your best pose."  Love it.

Sorry for the 1000 pictures.  They are just all so cute.  I couldn't resist.

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