Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life at the Beach is Good. Part 1.

VACATION!  It has been soooo good.  
Relaxing on the beach.  Boogie boarding with my handsome beau.  Digging giants holes in the sand with Caden.  Reading books and books and books.  Eating endless amounts of seafood.  Silently and at times uncontrollably laughing out loud at the antics of a 6- and 3-year-old. 
Basically living the life.

Here is my week in pictures
...and comments.  You know I can't not comment.

Beach Fun:
The boys loved being buried.

The boys started asking to go down to the beach before we even arrived at the hotel.  So by the next morning when we went, the excitement was just bubbling over.

Aren't they just the cutest?!

 Fun mornings on the porch.

First dinner out.  So yum. 
Only a 3 year old could make the whole section of the restaurant laugh by declaring, "I wood not eat dat.  Dose crab wegs wook augusting," when another tables food arrived.

The boys have provided endless amounts of laughter this trip.
Most common topics of conversation:
Flatulence:  Boys.
Belly buttons:  Copelan loves to show off his stomach.
Adam's apples:  Who knew little boys would be so fascinated by a bump on someone's throat?
Reversible shorts:  Caden in in L-O-V-E love with reversible shorts and repeatedly asks his Uncle B if his shorts are reversible.  And often reverses his shorts to match his B's shorts.
Fairness:  Being a kid is so unfair.
Elevator buttons:  Big deal 'round these parts.  Every one wants to be the elevator concierge.

Caden and I dug a big hole "looking for treasure".  It made a swimming pool to my excitement and Caden's dismay.

Awesome pool.

We have had such fabulous weather!  The boys have loved the beach.

B and Caden loved jumping waves together and wrestling in the water.  Boys will be boys.

It is really hard not to laugh out loud every time a 6-year-old bust it in the waves...So a lot of secret laughs have been had.

The boys after being so good at Captain Anderson's, one of our favorite restaurants.

We are having so much fun.  Second half of the beach blog to be continued when we get home sweet home.

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