Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deck the Halls

I'm sorry I've been gone for the past 3ish weeks from blogging.  I hated not posting and I've missed you gals (and those few guys out there reading), but I have just not stopped or been in town long enough to get a post written.  But do not fret, I have about a gazillion floating around in this flighty head of mine and I will get them out to you as soon as I can.  Of course this week is already looking quite packed, but soon I promise.  Soon.

Can you believe its time to decorate for Christmas?  I haven't been the most enthusiastic decorator this year because it feels like we have been so busy.  But I am easing into the spirit.  One of the things that has  jump started my Christmas spirit is the new wreath I got this weekend.  My lovely and talented sister, Candace, has been making wreaths for friends and family.  And I got my hands on one this weekend and took that cutie home with me!  I was so excited about mine, I thought I would share them with you; in case one of you was in search for the perfect holiday wreath without all the hassle of making it yourself.  Don't get me wrong I love crafting, but I've been in a bit of a lull.  And if my life is just easier if I pay someone else to do it for cheaper than I can make it myself...Done!

My wreath!
Brandon actually picked it.  Good taste, huh?!
Perfect for my Christmas color choices...Red and Bright Green!  It is currently hanging on my carport door!  House churchers...get ready to be dazzled by it on Wednesday night!

So I will share her most recent creations!

I have to say this is my favorite one.  I love the big Merry Christmas!

 So cute and festive!

How about those candy cane stripes!  I have too many favorites!

She makes trees too.  This one is lit from the inside as well.
These are so cute sitting in your favorite pot on your porch that currently full of those dead plants from the summer.  You know it is.  So fill it with a cute Christmas decoration instead.

So if you are in need of the most festive, cutest wreaths or trees around to deck your halls, then you should call my sister!  If you are afraid to call people like I know who you are...those you hate calling 1800 numbers and getting an actual person...those that always make their husband/mom/friend call to order the pizza...those that put off hair appointments just because you haven't made the worries, you can email me or my sister or you can check her facebook page.  Its all so easy.

All the wreaths can be customized to fit your holiday colors and taste.  Or if you decide you are in more need of some school spirit she can make you a UK Wildcats wreath or tree like she did for B.  Sorry I don't have a good picture of that one.  The wreaths range in price from $30-40 depending on the materials.  P.S. It is A TOTAL STEAL!  I checked etsy earlier to do a little scouting!  CRAZY folks.  These same wreaths are listed for $60-110.  You heard me...$110!  Don't be fooled.  Get one from Candace!

Okay I'm done.  But you aren't.  Buy your wreath!

See you soon!

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