Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quality Time in Kentucky!

We did a little pre-Thanksgiving family time in Kentucky the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Although its always a quick trip with our work schedules, we packed in as much quality time as we could.  We got to do two early Thanksgivings.  Eat great food.  Hang out by the fire and watch football.  Dig out all the old Christmas lights.  Laugh and catch up with all of our Kentucky family, but our first stop was to see these little wrestle maniacs!

As soon as they see B, they want to climb all over him.  And he loves it!

 Funny faces are all the rage in the 3-6 year old realm!

Eating some YUMMY food!  Caden thinks it was finger licking good!
Copelan was holding up his favorite food from the meal to show you guys and gals...Gran's homemade rolls!  Caden's favorite food was the fruit.  Only a 6-year-old would name the one thing on the menu that wasn't actually made by the cook.

Playing before dinner!
How cute is Caden in his tie!  He loves real neck ties.  He has always loved clothes.  When I asked what he wanted for Christmas he named like 5 clothing items and I had to continue to prompt him to name a toy, book, or activity that he would like.  Hilarious.

Kisses from Copelan are now a trick into letting him blow spit and laugh in your face.  Luckily its so cute coming from him!
I know that you are thinking poor Caden...But just know that he absolutely loves the attention and always comes back for more.

I know I know, I have no pictures of adults, but how can I photograph us old wrinkly folks when my camera loves these handsome brothers!
Doesn't Caden look at least 10 in this picture!  He is so grown up!

Hope your pre-Thanksgiving festivities were amazing!  Let's chat about our Thanksgivings next time!

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