Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My New Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

I know its a little late but....Here's another piece of our Thanksgiving.

This year we did something new on Thanksgiving day.  We ran.  I know...crazy...on the most famous day of eating.  But it was so so fun!  I absolutely recommend it.  We ran the Two Rivers Ford Turkey Trot in Mt. Juliet!  And by we, I mean B, myself, and Paisley!
Headed to the race!  Can you tell she's excited?!

 We only ran the 1 mile, not the 5K.  We hadn't trained or run enough recently to run the 5K, but so the mile was just perfect.  Although the mile race wasn't timed and there were no "official" winners, guess who crossed the finish line first.....

That's right.  My Paisley did.  She was so fast!  Luckily B ran with her, I can't keep up with them.  The photographer from the Lebanon Democrat took this great picture.  So proud of my girl for winning her first race!

Cara, Camille and Mom ran the 1 mile with us, but my Dad and cousin, Brent, ran the 5K.  My Dad won his age division and Brent came in top 10 over all and 2nd in his age group!  What a family of winners we are.  Ok I was just glad I came across the finish line still running and had enough oxygen and pride left to control my breathing so I didn't embarrass myself.  
Its hard to get her to look at the camera.

There were lots of dogs there because it benefited New Leash on Life.  I absolutely would love to do it again!  You should think about making it a part of your Thanksgiving traditions.  Great start to our Thanksgiving!

In old Paisley news...
She graduated from puppy class!  Yes, we are those dog parents.  Sorry.  I'm not sorry!

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