Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Search

After eating to our fill and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving, we set out on a journey to find Christmas!  It all began with guns.  I don't say that often.  But its true.  With shotgun and handgun by our sides we set out across the farm in search of all things green and merry!  
We quickly found some mistletoe and the guns were blazing.
 Fake out.  I didn't end up shooting the shotgun.  I just don't like that super loud noise in my ear.
Luckily my hubby is a good shot and quickly knocked down a bountiful flurry of mistletoe. 

Carrying on in the Christmas journey...
the search for the tree.
Isn't my dad handsome?!
Walking the back of the farm.
Never a bad moment to stop and text on your smartphone even on the farm.

The cows enjoyed our family trek to see them.

There it is.
Our tree.
Thanks to the guys for cutting it down and getting it ready for our house.

Getting to the decorating!
Paisley was a big help!
Tree #1 complete.  It smells so good!

Happy Christmas decorating!

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