Friday, November 4, 2011

Trim Your Tree In Thanks

Last year I made a Halloween tree with cute and creative Caity Shinnick!  
(I love to use alliteration with her name!!)

But this year after hours of searching, my tree was present and my ornaments were not.  Sad day.  So I began anew with a brand new focus.  A fall/Thanksgiving tree that I could keep up for both October and November.  My sister Candace was in town so we decided to make a project of it.

Base Supplies:
Small flower pot...ours were terra-cotta, approximately 8-10 inches in diameter
3 Branches, ideally with lots of small branchings off of them
Floral foam to hold your branches at just the right angles
Moss to cover the unsightly foam

Pom pom balls
Scrapbook paper cut outs 
Candy corn 
...or Candy Pumpkins would be so cute!
Foam shapes
Whatever strikes your fancy in the wonder world of Micheals or Joann' these...

Miscelleanous supplies:
Glue Stick, Hot Glue Gun...basically your adhesive of choice.
Thread in colors of your choosing
Big Needle
Glitter because every craft needs it!

Assemble your base.
Shove a big piece of floral foam into the terra cotta pot.  I also cut some small pieces to shove along the edges of my circular pot to stabilize the big square chunk I cut to place the branches in.  Hold up your branches and decide how you want them to look.  Then with a little umph...shove them into the foam.  Its nice to have a partner who can hold two of the branches in their correct positions above the foam while you place first branch and so on.

Get your craft on!  Make as many ornaments as you want.

To make garlands, thread your needle with your favorite color thread and simple thread the needle through pom poms of varying size, color, and sparkliness!  Make as short or long as you like.  Its your what you want!  
Or you can add letters to spell out your favorite holiday saying or perhaps a monogram!  Are you nodding your head like I am?  No?  Oh.  Guess I'm alone.

I will admit that my Cricut made this project especially fabulous!  If you do not have a cricut, there are a variety of options out there you can purchase pre-cut or if you have a way with scissors you can make your own.

And don't forget...Crafting is messy.  Just enjoy it.

 We had fun!  Even Cara got in on the crafting.
But no craft session is complete without a little Cubby cheer!

Our finished products!

You still have plenty of time to make one for your Thanksgiving celebration!  Get your craft on ladies and gents!

May I also suggest having small leaves or pumpkins or tags in a dish my the tree with your favorite pens close by.  Your family can write what they are thankful for this season and place them on the tree for everyone to enjoy.  
What a wonderful way to share in the joys of the season!  God has truly blessed us all!

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