Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: A Year in Photo Review

Happy New Year!
2011 was a year divided.
The first two thirds was filled with nose to the grindstone, blinders and sweatpants on marathon to the grad school finish.  The last one third was a whole new world where adults work...I know I'm 27 and just got a real job... and wear professional attire...oh please, business casual better describes it..., and weekends are faster than ever before because you can do whatever you want... minus the occasional all weekend continuing education course...blah.  Overall an awesome year!  

Let's do a little photo recap.

I hope as you have looked back over 2011 you have relived a lot of wonderful memories and discovered a lot about your yourself.  I know I have...which leads me to my new year's resolutions!  We will talk about those soon.  Enjoy this 3rd day of 2012!

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