Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby: 19 Weeks

Happy almost 1/2 way, baby girl!  Or perhaps 1/2 way for you depending on when the doctors decide you need to come!  

This week baby girl is weighing in at a little over half a pound and is about half a foot long.  It's amazing how small she started and how big she will grow all while living inside me.  

She is a wiggle worm as confirmed by ultrasound.  I feel little things all the time, but at this point, I will neither confirm nor deny that any of it is baby.  There is so much going on inside me it's all a blur as to what produces what gurgle.

Picture Time.

Trying to get pictures with Paisley is always a challenge.  Here she is eating the picture frame rather than looking at the camera.  
 Starting to look more like a baby bump!
 At Cara and Seth's rehearsal dinner!  They will be the best aunt and uncle for our sweet baby girl!

See you at 20 weeks!
(Which will be like later today or tomorrow considering all I have to do is write the blog, since 20 weeks was technically over a week ago.  One day I will catch up on here.)

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