Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby: It's Gender Party Time!

We had an ultrasound at 17 weeks 4 days.  We knew there was a pretty good chance we would be able to find out what gender our sweet baby was.  So we started to throw a party together so we could tell all our friends and family.  At the last minute, we decided that we also would not find out what the baby's gender was until it was revealed at the party.  We asked the ultrasound tech if she could not show us what it was, but instead write it down and place it in an envelope.  We had a very no nonsense tech that day and she made no promises.

Finally, she asked us to look away from the screen.  It was so hard not to look for the couple of minutes it took her to get all her measurements and take the picture she needed to show us the gender.  I'll admit I peaked at least twice when she first told us to look away.  She was very confident in her decision of the gender (Although I'm still nervous that at our next ultrasound it will be something different.  Am I the only mom who does that?  I guess we'll see for sure if it is the same in a week and half.)

We took the envelope to our local cupcakery, Short Cakes!  (We highly recommend this bakery!  They are the sweet local people you will ever meet.)  The sweet baker there took the envelope and created some delicious cupcakes with the surprise inside.

Then we all gather for a little cookout fun!
  Charley loved all the babies and kids at the party!

Done with the eating, it was time for the big moment.  
Sorry for the candid shots.  I don't ever do well with candids.
Cupcakes Ready!
1st Bite.
 Brandon saw it.  I didn't bite through the cupcake far enough to see anything.
Everyone is yelling and I'm scurrying to open mine.
 Got it open!
 So excited for our baby GIRL!

Grandparents are excited for their first granddaughter!
 Excited for all of our girls to play together.

Sweetest friends in the world to come out and celebrate with us!

Coleman is excited about his new baby cousin!

First swaddling blanket!
 First baby doll!
Paisley loved looking at all the gifts for her baby sister!  Now we will just have to keep her from eating all her sisters toys once she gets here!

Guess the majority was right!  12 to 11.  It's a baby girl for the Steeles.

Happy 18 weeks Baby Girl!

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