Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby: 21-22 weeks

Our sweet baby girl is getting so big!
She nows weighs a full pound and almost a foot tall.  It's hard to believe all of that fits inside my abdomen.  Although, it is growing by the minute.
21 weeks

Trying to get Paisley to take another photo.  Instead she eats the frame.
Ignore our very messy room.  My excuse of the week is "we're moving."  We'll see what kind of excuse I can come up with next week.

Speaking of moving I didn't get any belly pictures at week 22 because it was total chaos between work and moving.  However, I did get some pretty adorable pictures of our baby girl!
 A little foot.
 Sweet baby lips and nose.
She would not be still for her ultrasound.  She was constantly on the move.  I'm a little afraid of what that means for us in the future.

Can't wait to see our baby girl again in 3 weeks!

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