Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Craft day REALLY was the BEST day!

Craft Day is the Best Day - Halloween edition was a hit!  I will be talking about this for a looooong time!  I L - O - V - E  luuuvved every second of it!  I'm not usually a big halloweener.  I'm more of a fall girl...Fun Fact:  My middle name is Autumn...perhaps that's why.  But I will forever be excited for Halloween so I can get down my new Halloween tree!

We started with yummy halloween snacks and apple cider!  
The gorgeous, oh-so-talented, future-famous creative genius, Caity, of Craft Day is the Best Day!
These cute little brown sacks were full of ghoulish goodies from which we made ornaments and strung brightly colored garlands!

Before = Nervous, After = Delighted

After multiple cups of cider being replaced after glitter and pom pom balls were found floating, several near cuss words when trying to thread a needle and decide if a decoration was indeed a sticker or was in fact not, words of encouragement from Caity and one another, and lots and lots of laughter and fun had by all...
...we were very proud of our trees!
We were wearing old school junior high glitter make up!  You aren't crafting if you aren't covered in glitter!

It was the best day!
You should visit Craft Day is the Best Day for more fun, creative crafting ideas!

Here is my creative masterpiece:
Aren't those the shiny-est pumpkins you've ever seen?
 I know you're jealous of my Halloween decor...But back down sistas (and brothers if you're reading)!!  You can purchase a Halloween tree with ornaments on Caity's etsy site.  You will not regret the decision.  It even comes with super duper handy storage directions. 

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