Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pretty Little Things

For some reason, when I opened this page to start this blog post, Beyonce's song,"Single Ladies", started blaring in my head!  You can join me and rock out to it while you read!
(Confession:  I just busted a "Single Ladies" move while typing...if you know me you know its true! and you know it wasn't even close to the real thing)

Sarah Jo is officially showered!
We had so much fun getting her ready for her honeymoon!  We ate at Maggiano's and the food was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  (My stomach might have hurt all night but it felt great going down!)  Linnea, Corey, and Jessica did a great job planning the party.  We had cute little masquerade mask to wear!
 Sarah Jo looked so cute in her sexy red shoes!

You can tell that we were much too loud and quite a spectacle in this nice restaurant.

Yay!  For fun ladies nights!   I laughed until my intercostals...fun fact: inter- = between, -costals = ribs...so the muscles between the ribs... were cramping!  (Gotta use my doctoral knowledge somewhere.)

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  1. i hate you and Beyonce for blaring in my peds class for 80people to stop and look at me. Dont worry my teacher took as a great opportunity to pause class and talk about how we should silence our cellphones as well....
    My friend count at Belmont just went from 2 to 0. You're welcome!


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