Thursday, October 21, 2010

Da da dada...Da da dada...

Here comes the bride... All dressed in white... 
I remember singing this song as a child while I walked down the center of the playroom wearing a polyester princess dress to meet my pretend fiance at the altar...a.k.a. the fireplace.  Didn't you do that?  Maybe not.  I suppose only a family of 4 sisters would sing that while playing house and pretending to marry guys at least 15 years our senior.  What?  They were in the youth group at church when we were like 5 and we luuuvvved them!

Well last weekend, some school friends and I made a road-trip to central Illinois, the land of corn, soybeans, the covered bridge festival, and home of Dick Van Dyke!  Awesome, huh?  This is where our beautiful friend, Sarah Jo, married her prince charming, Jared.

It was so beautiful!  

The tables were themed as all the places they have visited in the world and where they hope to go together.  Each table also had a card for a specific anniversary year for the table members to decorate and fill out with well wishes.   Then Sarah Jo and Jared will open a card a year.  What a great idea!
Card from her Nashville friends!
All of you engaged ladies and gents out there should so steal this idea!  It was so fun and will be a blessing or a source of hilarity in some cases...wink...on each anniversary!
So glad I could be there to celebrate with you!
Instead of throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles, they released balloons on their exit with notes for the persons who find them to email them and let them know where they were found.
It was a crazy 6 hour adventure there and back, but I wouldn't have missed it!  You were beautiful, Sarah Jo!  Hope you are having a relaxing, wonderful honeymoon!  
Mr. and Mrs. Bouton

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