Wednesday, October 13, 2010


God thinks I'm awesome.
My sisters must think that too because they want to be like me.
Case in point:  Camille is now a Delta Sigma Lion!
The legacy lives on...That makes 3 Cross girls...count it:
Me-Fall 04   Cara-Spring 07  Camille-Fall 10
Of course, I dressed to match my blue and gold!

Grrr... Yes this is a common DS pose.  Its strange but we love it!
Who are those gorgeous ladies?  Oh wait!  My sisters!

Carebear, when she pledged...look at those pearls.  She's all shmancy for pledging!
Now, we aren't even going to go into my stance or your stance on pledging.  It's a super complex conversation that doesn't bring out the best in anyone so we aren't going to talk about it.  All I know is...Delta Sigma is lucky to have a former NCAA softball player and strongest girl I know on their intramural teams.  (She once's squatted over 300lbs...WHAT?  How did it not crush her?  I know she's special!)

I loved Delta Sigma.  I learned so much and made so many memories with my Sisters of Joy.  And I hope Camille has a fabulous time making those special memories too!

Things I loved about Delta Sigma:  cute t-shirts, Fall 04's Fantasy Island getaway, jersey day, the special bond I have with the lady at Kroger who was in delta sigma 20 years ago, meetings, the lion, amazing devos from  Daley, Singarama, intramurals...and on and on.

Last but definitely not least:  I don't want to leave out my glowingly gorgeous prego sis, Candace!  She's 29 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby Coleman!  
Drum roll please................
75 days til Aunt Neet Ney gets to be Coleman's favorite aunt!  Maybe I should start picking out my outfit for the birth!  Let's be honest, I need to make up for my outfit at the gender announcement.  It was a neutral vanilla.    

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  1. Ok you were only a small reason as to why I did delta sigma... I did it for numerous other reasons, blue and yellow look good on me, you get big boobs if you get in, everyone on campus thinks your a badA and all the other clubs mascots were lame!
    Ya for camille finally being our "little" sister of JOY!
    And you didn't mention that You and I are in the same family thats true sisterhood right there!
    Now we can all swap secrets!
    And candace can be honorary, well give baby coleman a lion! I already bought him a onesie with one on it!
    GRRR baby!


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