Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fruits of Our Labor

I know what you are thinking.  No really I do.  I'm an idiot.  I broke my blog.  Yes it is possible.  I did it.  I will slowly be restoring it to his full glory with the magical assistance of the beautiful and talented Caity Shinnick.  I'd be lost in this big ol' blogland without her.


Can you believe it is the end of July!  Summer is flying by.
But with the heat of summer, comes the full bloom of our garden.  All of the hard work finally pays off with dividends...and maybe some more work too.  Picking is exhausting and back-breaking; oh well, at least the veggies are good.

Flowers are in full bloom!

 Veggies are coming in like crazy!  So I snapped a quick pictures a couple of weeks ago of my picks.  
Squash and Garlic.  Tomatoes and Onions.  Zucchini and Green beans.

Speaking of green beans...
They are crazy!  We've already picked 3 times and we need to pick again.  Its nuts!
 Here is part of my first pick.

Now onto the snapping.  Removing the ends and "snapping" the beans into your desired size.  I usually snap smaller beans for good old southern green beans and longer beans for green bean bundles.  Its not particularly necessary to snap longer beans for bundles but I find it to be much easier to bundle beans when they are longer.

Next, it's time for canning.  Canning is not difficult and is a great way to preserve your garden favorites.
Left:  My southern green beans.  Right:  My green bean bundles.  I was so proud of my stacking.  Can you tell?!
Next a half of a teaspoon of salt for every pint of green beans (a full teaspoon if canning quarts).  I prefer to do most of my green beans in pints because I have found it is the perfect amount for two people.  I often put up my green bean bundles in quarts due to their size and I usually make them for company.
 Then you fill the jars with boiling water to cover the beans.

Place the sterilized lids on and screw on the band.  Place the jars in a pressure canner and process as recommended by your owner's manual.

TADA!!!!!!  Dinner is served!  AND...You have green beans for the whole year!

Putting vegetables up and having them to eat for the rest of the year is one of my absolute favorite things about gardening!  It is so nice.  And I SAVE so much money!  Yay!

Our favorite new way to cook green beans is on the stove with some chicken base (bouillon), seasoning salt, pepper, and sugar.  Cooking for as long as I can...45 minutes-ish on a light simmer.  It's even better if you have a strip of bacon or fat back.  Yes, you know you are in the south when someone uses the word fat back.

What is your favorite way to cook green beans?

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