Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Are Going To Be Parents!

...to an adorable ball of fur!

She is a beautiful 7 week old German Shepherd.  
We haven't named her yet.  Well more specifically we haven't set her name in stone.  We are trying a few on for size.  It's just so hard to decide.  A dog name that's not my favorite kid name or a friend's favorite kid name...a name that fits a german shepherd but isn't too stern or serious because she is a nice girl!...a name that fits a dog that black and tan and silver. 
 I don't exactly come from a family of great pet namers.  Let's be honest we've had Bugsy, the Beagle...ok that one isn't that bad.  But then there were, Corky, the cat and C.J., Corky Junior, the cat.  And yes, Corky is what my Dad goes by...a grown human.  You can thank 3 year old Camille for those two.  Then we've had Bear, the Great Pyrenees and Baby Bear, the 2nd Pyrenees.  P.K., Princess Kitty, the dog.  Yes I said dog.  Long story that ends with we got her from a lady named Kitty who was Kitty Wells's granddaughter. So basically P.K. is famous.  But anywho, as you can see...We're bad at naming pets.  So you're thinking, it's okay, B can surely appropriately name a pet, but most of their pets were named after carbohydrates.  Sugar.  Muffin.  Hush-puppy.  Hershey.  I know we are awful!  We must get this one right!

Ok, back to our baby girl.  We are so excited.  But also nervous.  Like a baby (but I know way less serious and HUMAN...back down momma's), a puppy needs SO much stuff.  We were so out of sorts when we went on our first trip to PetSmart.
  A Crate...I hear they are important, but I'll be honest I don't know all the rules of crate training. 
A Leash... that isn't too girly so my husband won't turn into a woman when he walks her.  
A Collar... that's girly enough that people know she is a girl.  
Puppy food... that isn't too expensive so as to make us broke but is full of good things that make her grow big and beautiful and who's first ingredient is meat...Very important per animal-loving-over-eager-PetSmart-product-pushing employee.  
Toys...Every dog needs a toy.
Treats...for training and maybe for fun too.
A Dog Bowl...we went with cheap and generic for now.  Until I find a set of bowls that match my kitchen.  Please!  You knew I would.
A Teething Toy...because we are going to be doing some serious re-direction with any chewing or teething.
And I know I'm forgetting things!!!!!  It's a crazy mess around you!

So PLEASE offer your best advice for puppies and new puppy parents!  Your favorite purchases.  Things we should be sure to know from the beginning. 

Thanks for your help!  I will be looking for puppy play mates for fun play dates!  If you have a puppy, we would love to have you and your little pup over for dinner and some playtime.  We also welcome children because I hear early socialization is key.  Luckily her birth family had a 3 year-old rambunctious little boy who had played with our pup since birth.  So she loves kids right now and is a total doll right now!  But we want to keep it that way!


  1. Okay, I know we've already talked about it. But Gracie and your pup HAVE to be friends! She loooves meeting new dogs and people, and she tries to play with the dogs behind our house through their fence... It's kind of sad. So I'm sure she'd love a playmate!

    Our favorite purchase was her dog bed. We've trained her to lay down there when she is bothering us, like nagging for food while we're eating or anything. And we got a huge one since she'll get bigger, so she snuggles up with all of her toys and just loves it. She's already attached to it! And it gives a good alternative to her crate when she wants to sleep but despises her crate (we're hoping that will fade soon). :)

    YAY PUPPY STEELE!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

  2. For real do your research on crate training. It is a life saver and will get them house trained really quickly. Ours JUST stopped sleeping in her crate at night this week...she's almost 2. She LOVED it in there. Let me know if you need tips!

  3. Where is the best place to do research on crate training? I've been reading all kinds of things and they are all a little different. I understand the concept but not the application.

  4. YAY for your puppy!! So excited for you guys--that is going to be the most loved puppy on the face of the planet!

  5. Our thoughts on crate training:

    Every night we love on and snuggle with Chaco, and then we tell him "it's time to go night night" (I know, embarrassing) and he goes all by himself to his crate. He knows that it's his house, and he loves it. I find him snuggled in there with his bed while I am getting ready or when he's tired during the day. It's the place where he feels safe. He's 3.5 years old, and he still loves his crate. And he stays in there 1 out of every 3 times we are gone, so that he feels privileged to be out during the day but not enough to take advantage.

    Crate training is the best! It's good for him and it's good for us!

    Also, the toy called a Kong...is a lifesaver. Even if you don't fill it with the treat. It's fun for them to play with & it's indestructible!

  6. I second the comment about Kongs...they are wonderful. Henry likes his with peanut butter mashed down and then pieces of a bone inside because the pieces of bone slowly come out but the peanut butter flavor stays for a looong time. Definitely recommend dog parks too as soon as it's safe to take your dog because it is great socialization and exercise! In Memphis we have Hollywood Feed and they have leashes that are indestructable (not really, but you can always return a chewed one for a new one free of charge) and those are awesome for a pup. Good luck, it is so fun and lots of work!
    I didn't know you grew up having Great Pyrenees...Henry is half Pyr half Lab from a horse farm. The combo is great :)


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