Monday, August 1, 2011

Cubby does St. Louie!

After weeks of anticipation, I got to see my Cubby on Wednesday night!  He is so BIG!  We made the trip to Ripley so we could head the big metropolis in Missouri the next day.  It was my first trip to St. Louis and for Cubby, but it is a favorite destination for my sister, Candace, and her husband.  We did as much as possible in the two full days we were there and boy were we tired by the end of day two.

First stop...Forrest Park for a pre-zoo picnic!
Cubby loved the birds.  He was absolutely mesmerized.

Then we were off to the St. Louis zoo!  Best part:  Its FREE!  Gotta love that.
Yes it was blazing hot in St. Louie while we were there.  We tried to keep Cubby cool as best we could; utilizing the water falls and a fan/mister.  He loved putting his fingers in the fan.  No worries.  The blades were a soft, flexible plastic.

The hippos were amazing.  This one kept swimming in circles...round and round.
 The gorillas were truly a crazy sight.  I don't know how else to put it.  They were so REAL.  I don't think I have ever been so close.  They look like giant, hairy, naked humans.  Freakish.
Obviously this one is fake.  Come on.

Next, stop the St. Louis Cardinals game!!  My first time at Busch stadium.
Cutest Cardinals fan at the game.

On day two, we challenged my fears by going to the top of the arch and I rode the seven story slide.  The latter was a disaster.  Needless to say, the city museum and I didn't have a good day.  But the arch was interesting.  Scary that high up but interesting.  Sorry no pictures from the top.  I was too busy trying not to fall off.  Yes it is enclosed at the top, but I was still worried.  Obviously I have a fear of heights and falling.
This is the tiny pod we rode with 2-3 other people in when riding up and down.  It felt like being abducted by aliens.
(My arms are spread to demonstrate the enormity of mighty Mississippi of course. It felt appropriate for the such a photograph.)

St. Louis was fabulous!  I totally recommend it.  Thanks Smiths for such a fun getaway!  


  1. The picture of baby C smiling with the crowd in the background is AMAZING! I love it. :)

  2. My sister and dad spent the weekend in St. Louis, too! They went for the baseball game! How funny. :) PS. In case I haven't said it enough times, I absolutely love your blog. And your captions - they're always hilarious.


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