Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pin It Up!

For real this time.  Don't get me wrong, you know I love all the virtual pinning on Pinterest.  You know I do.  Uuummmm....maybe I'll do that next.  Any who.  I now have a real place to pin things.  I made a corkboard.  Not just any corkboard.  A pretty one.  Covered in one of my new favorite fabrics.  

First things first...Like always we must gather our supplies:
Ratty old corkboard from garage....Check!
Pretty fabric that pulls together all the colors in your home in the most perfect way....Check!
(You made need a cheap white piece of fabric to cover the board first if your pretty fabric is a little see-through.)
(I suppose you could use a staple gun...never done that.  I just pulled out the old stapler from the desk drawer and it worked like a charm.)
Measuring tape...Check!
Decorative Upholstery Nails...Check!

Lesson learned:  I encourage use of a newer corkboard that has a wooden frame.  The metal frame was difficult to hang.  With a wooden frame it would be simple to add a nail or frame hanger to place your new corkboard on the wall...we had to rig it up with gorilla glue to get the hangers to attach.  It would be easier to just buy a newer one.

I literally cover/wrap the board because I'm not the kind who can cut exact square.  It's said really.  So instead of practicing my cutting skills on this project I just didn't even attempt it and went the all-rigged-up way.  Like my Momma always said, "If Courtney can't win, she won't play."
So like I said...Cover the  board with white muslin.
Staple.  Staple.  Staple. Neatly folding the corners.

Cover with pretty fabric of your choice.
Trim excess fabric if necessary.

Once fabric is securely in place with all the staples you can give it.
You can apply your trim.  I chose upholstery nails because I like the shininess.  You could use ribbon, twine, rope.  Whatever strikes your fancy.
Choose the distance you want between the nails and use your tape as a guide.
YES...Your fingers will be sore after applying a hundred nails.  There are upholstery hammers if you feel so inclined.

Finished product.
Sorry for the awful pictures...que disgusted face.
 I chose to place mine in the kitchen after moving it about 10 times.
I use mine to post invitations and announcements from my favorite people.  Pin my favorite new fabrics.  
By the way...what do you think...I was considering using them in my bedroom as a headboard and curtains or to cover cushions in my dining room with coordinating curtains.  I'm trying to integrate new colors...hence the darker blue.  I'd love your opinions.
And of course I needed a pocket for all my coupons for restaurants and stores.  Mostly because I lose them if they do not have a designated area.

Love cute organization!


  1. Love, I want you to live closer so i can make your projects with you and so my house will look as cute!

  2. Court, this is fabulous! I love the fabric you chose and the nailhead trim really makes it look finished! I love it!

  3. Court-I LOVE it!! The fabric is perfect--and my mom used to say the same thing about me..."If Cherry can't win, she won't play"


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