Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday to B!

It is my sweet B's birthday!  26!  Wow!
(Yes, I am older.  I'm not going to try to hide it, but we also aren't going to talk about my old woman wrinkles either.)
Its hard to believe we met when he was a mere baby of 18.  No we'll both admit we didn't have eyes for each other just yet.  B was too busy macking on all the new freshman ladies and the cougars of the Quest team.  But it wouldn't be long before we became the best of friends when he joined me on the quest team himself...Falling madly in love.  Okay so that might be mushy-gushy and I know Cara has officially stopped reading but its true.  And this day only comes once a year!

Happy Birthday B!
Don't we look like we're 12!  In my head, I never think about us looking different, but then you look at a picture and its like REALITY CHECK!  Imagine when we are 80 looking at these!

Look at that hair!  I coudn't resist this picture.

One of the photos, he reluctantly took at our wedding to please all the women in his life.

Believe it or not, I know its hard to, but I am actually pretty tan in this photo.  You would think from the contrast I am naturally albino.  It's as if in the summer I am married to a different man.  

Love you, B!  Can't believe its been six year since I gave you the first birthday card before Shady Hawkins.  (Don't correct me.  It's supposed to say "Shady".  It was a classic Quest event.  He was my date.)

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