Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Part 2: No-Sew Fabric Flowers

Part II of the No-Sew Fabric Flower tutorials.  If you missed the folded fabric flower from yesterday you can run back and read it here.  

The  Button Flower

2 Fabrics of your choice (if you do one like mine)
A pretty button
Hot glue gun
Pen for tracing
Headband, Bobby pin, or Brooch pin back

1.  Heat up your glue gun.
2.  Cut a nickel or quarter size circle out of felt as your base.
3.  Cut out 4 large circles and 4 medium circles, as shown above.
4.  Fold a large circle twice until it forms a triangle.  Place the newly folded circle on the felt like a pie-piece using your hot glue.

5.  Continue placing the larger circles until the "pie" is full.

6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the medium circles.

7.  Place button of your choice on top!

Now, show off your new flower in your hair, on your bag, on a pillow in your den...wherever!
Key to making adorable fabric flowers...just relax and just your imagination.  As you can see I don't stress over perfection in my flowers.  I'm sure its driving some of your CRAZY, but its more fun to just chill and slap on some glue.  Now to using your imagination.  You can do anything.  What's great about crafts like this is making it your own.  You can use multiple buttons to stack for some added piazzazz!

Or you can do only a single layer for a more simplistic look.
Or use a fabric covered button or a rolled flower as the center.
(We will learn to make rolled flowers in part 3.)

Endless possibilities!  Hope you have fun making them like I did.

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